For more than 500 years, the Tuscan capital of Siena has burned with one obsession: The Palio. Known as the oldest horse race in the world, this awesome spectacle is the culmination of a year long battle between the seventeen districts or Contrade. On clay and earth laid down in the central Piazza del Campo, known as one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares, battle commences between the jockeys and their steeds. Overlooked by centuries old buildings and a simmering throng of eager supporters this is a truly special event and an obvious destination for the world’s best supercar rally.

The Run To Palio is an epic road adventure that begins high above the coast on the Amalfi peninsula, tackles the wild and mountainous Apennines on Italy’s central spine, and luxuriates in the beauty of the rolling Tuscan countryside before an uproarious weekend at the Palio Di Siena. Inspired by the golden age of GT motoring this is a journey that will take you deep into the most beautiful and unseen parts of rural Italy in the midst of a fleet of cars equally as magnificent.

We’ve taken great care to select original and luxurious properties for every stop, so that after a day on the road you’ll have an evening to remember. Of course, great food and wine are also vital to the trip but any Run To rally does not just stop here. Immersive theatre, spellbinding shows, music and many other forms of merriment all contribute to a trip you’ll never forget.

Our final word is also one of the most important – service. We have an experienced, friendly and professional team dedicated to taking care of the details so that guests can enjoy the adventure. From literally parachuting family members in to replacing lost jewellery we will always endeavour to do our best for you.